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What is a Unity Puzzle?

Unity Ceremony Idea - Wedding Unity Puzzle with Infinity Heart
Unity Ceremony Idea for Blended Families - Wedding Unity Puzzle
A Unity Puzzle, also known as an alternative to the Unity Sand Ceremony or a Unity Candle Ceremony or Unity Ceremony Idea, is a symbolic ritual that is often incorporated into weddings and other ceremonies to represent the union of two individuals or families.

The Unity Puzzle typically involves the couple or family assembling a puzzle made up of multiple pieces during the wedding ceremony, with each piece representing a different aspect of their relationship. As they fit the pieces together, the family symbolically creates a complete and unified picture.

Our Unity Puzzle is a wonderful way to involve children in the wedding ceremony and to emphasise the importance of family unity. It also serves as a lasting reminder of the special day and the love and commitment that brought two families together.

They also make a wonderful gift for couples who are blending their families together, or for parents who want to celebrate their growing family.

We custom make every Unity Puzzle to your specific specifications, which can be a combination of wood colours, text and fonts and different pieces, as an example including your pet, as special memory etc.

We especially love custom requests so if you don’t find a particular Unity Puzzle you like in our store, please get in touch so we can make your Unity Ceremony Idea a reality.
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