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Unity Puzzle for wedding in white – Great alternative to unity candle ceremony including pet


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Great alternative to the unity candle ceremony, our Wedding Unity Puzzle in white including your pet. Our wedding unity puzzle symbolizes the coming together of two individuals and their families.

It consists of multiple interlocking pieces that represent different aspects of their lives. As the puzzle is assembled during the ceremony, it reflects the merging of their separate paths into one unified journey.

Each piece carries a unique significance, such as love, trust, communication, and support. The couple and their loved ones take turns adding the pieces, symbolizing their commitment to building a strong and harmonious bond. Once completed, the unity puzzle serves as a beautiful reminder of their union, reminding them of the intricate and interconnected nature of their relationship.

If you do not like the wording used, we can personalise this piece with words / phrases of your choice 🙂

Height: Approx 270mm
Width: Approx 270mm

3mm Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) as a base, covered with 3mm MDF puzzle pieces in various laminated finishes. Free 3mm MDF stand included. Total thickness of the puzzle is 6mm.

We love custom requests, please contact us if you have something different in mind.


A graphic proof of the puzzle will be sent for approval prior to production.

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